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Winning commercial for invaluable veteran dogs

Winning commercial for invaluable work done by veteran dogs

The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) winning commercial for their veteran dogs

This commercial was nominated for the ‘Gouden Loeki’ an advertising award where the public votes for the best commercial. It later won the category and here’s why….

The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) winning commercial for their veteran dogs, does an incredible job to illustrate how important these assistance dogs are to the people whose live they change and enrich.

Assistance dogs can help people with physical disabilities as well as people suffering from mental disabilities, such as autism and PTSD. How dogs can help people with PTSD.

Animals are some of the very best healers for those with PTSD. The training of these dogs can take years and the dogs are usually matched up to the new owner.

This video only runs for 35 seconds…yet is so moving and poignant.

The last line in the commercial says it all “We not only help people who cannot see, but also those who have seen too much…”

So please watch and see how life changing these dogs can be……

Assistance dogs not only provide a specific service to their handlers, but also greatly enhance the quality of their lives with a new sense of freedom and independence.

Although Guide Dogs for the blind have been trained formally for over seventy years, training dogs for people with physical and mental health disabilities is a much more recent concept.

Assistance Dogs International (ADI) is a coalition of not for profit assistance dog organisations. The purpose of ADI is to improve the areas of training, placement, and utilization of assistance dogs, staff and volunteer education, as well as educating the public about assistance dogs, and advocating for the legal rights of people with disabilities partnered with assistance dogs.

ADI has a comprehensive accreditation system and members have to be regularly assessed to ensure they meet the high standards expected of assistance dog programs.

The groups and associations that do this training are funded primarily by public donations, often with very little government assistance.

In some countries in the world people partnered with assistance dogs are guaranteed legal access to all buildings providing public services and to all modes of public transportation. Assistance Dogs International (ADI) is working to ensure all people partnered with an assistance dog are guaranteed access across the world.

Here are some of the groups from around the world, that train the assistance dogs……

Assistance Dogs Australia

Young Diggers Dog Squad

European Disability Forum

European Guide Dog Federation

International Association of Assistance Dogs Partners

International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organisations

International Guide Dog Federation

If you need an assistance dog or are interested in helping in some way, you can contact the Regional Chapters of ADI closest to you:-

ADI Europe

ADI North America

ADI Australia and New Zealand

ADI Asia

Thanks to The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) for this amazing video


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