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Doggy Playcare

Doggy Playcare is the same concept of a child daycare center.  Everyone wants a great kid, right?  At Barkspace, we want you have to have a great dog!  Your dog will learn how to get along with others, learn how to share, and we will stimulate their learning abilities.  Playcare provides the best learning environment for dogs because they are part of a pack.  Your dog will learn how to interact with not only another dog but a lot of different dogs of all sizes.  He/She will enjoy a day full of running, playing, and socializing with other dogs in our indoor and outdoor play areas.  Playtime exerts a lot of energy for your dog and when you pick him/her up, you will notice he/she will be sound asleep in the car ride home.

Most people are surprised at how many dogs can be in one general facility without fighting.  Now, full disclosure, there will be incidents, just as there are incidents at schools and daycare facilities.  If any dog care facility says otherwise, then I beg to disagree unless they keep every dog completely separated and stuck in a kennel 8-10 hours a day.  Our specialty is that we are a Dog Socialization Center so it is important that your dog’s safety is a priority, as well as our employees.  We have certified ABC dog trainers on-site monitoring and correcting any bad behavior.  By attending doggy daycare, your dog will learn the correct behavior on how to interact with other dogs, learn not to jump on people, and to be a sociable dog with not only other dogs, but other humans, too.


We offer 3 types of overnight boarding, standard, semi-private, and private.  Boarding is used when pet owners have to go out of town for short/long periods at a time, getting some stuff down inside the house, our active military soldiers who have orders, and the list goes on and on.  While you are away, we will watch over your dog’s well being.  No need to ask a neighbor, friend or family member.  We are here to help.

  • Social boarding is like a slumber party for dogs.  It is similar to doggy daycare with the interaction with other social dogs but done in the evening.  We only allow social and same size/weight dogs to be in the same general area, as there is not an after-hours caretaker onsite.  If your dog does not meet the requirement of being unsupervised in the evening, there are 2 other options for you and your dog(s).
  • Nightly Getaway boarding is for a dog that typically is social but for some reason can get a little anxious and needs to sleep alone.  For this type of personality, we offer a nightly crated option.  During the day, he/she will be added to back to our daycare pack while being supervised.
  • Private boarding is for those who are not quite social, maybe a bit on the grumpy side, or could be much senior in age.  He/she will boarded in a private spacious suite with his/her own bedding, toys, etc.  If you have more than one dog in the family, you can request they are all boarded in the same suite.  Our private suites are range from 4′x4′, 4′x6′, 6′x6′ (i.e. 4 ft wide x 4ft long).  It is at the discretion of the pet owner whether he/she would like his/her dog added to our doggy playcare pack.


Training can be anything from learning the basic commands (sit, down, shake, etc).  We offer anything from basic command training, You have plenty of choices for dog training in San Antonio, but not everyone can offer such a range of training as we can. We strive to go beyond the call of basic training to provide in-house correct behavior for all dogs all ages.

  • Command Obedience – working on basic commands including SIT, DOWN, WAIT, LEAVE IT, and the release word OKAY.
  • Leash Manners – teaching proper walking structure and capturing focus during exercise.
  • Behavior Redirection – redirecting a negative behavior to achieve a new positive behavior.
  • Patience and Attention – teaching focus and attention while addressing issues of anxiety and eagerness in regards to toys, treats, affection, etc.
  • Socialization Rehabilitation – introducing socialization with other dogs and encouraging the right interaction between other dogs with a Pack Mentality approach
  • Private Training – at our location or your home, we can work with you and your dog on the areas of concern and teach you, as the pet owner, how to continue to encourage the good behavior and redirect bad behavior
  • Boarding with Advanced Training – dogs who need extensive training on home manners, interaction with other dogs or people, etc will need to remain on-site longer will be required to board.  This allows our trainer more 1×1 time in/out of home like environments for this extensive training.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this service.  We can trim nails but right now our facility is not setup or licensed for grooming.

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