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You’ll Never Suspect What Shelter Workers Hear

This Will Blow Your Mind………..What People Say To Animal Shelter Workers

Shelter workers spend their careers surrounded by misconceptions about shelters as much as they spend time with the animals for whom they care. 

Shelters have rules for many reasons, such as minimizing the spread of disease. By: OlgaKayPixShelters only want the best for their furry friends

These are some of the things that staff in animal shelters have to deal with regularly…..

1. Shelter Animals Are Not “Broken”

There are a numerous reasons people need to surrender their pets to shelters:

  • No time for their dog
  • A child in the family has allergies to their pet
  • The family is moving and can’t take the pet

Of all the reasons pets wind up homeless, seldom is it the animal’s fault.

2. Your Pet Is Not a Donation

Although shelters rely heavily on the support of their communities, such as for donations……..some people have been known to offer their pets litter as “a donation to the shelter“…..Can you believe that?

Shelter Dogs Show Off their “Uptown Funk” To The Popular Bruno Mars Song

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