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You Won’t Believe How This Dog Saved His Owner And Other Pets

Schoep Was A Rescued Shelter Dog Who Saved His Owner’s Life And Later Became An Internet Sensation

Schoep, a shelter dog and German Shepherd mix, was adopted 19 years ago by John Unger and his ex-fiancee. When that relationship broke down, Schoep was there to help John through a suicidal depression.

After nearly two decades together, Schoep began suffering from arthritis. Part of his therapy, included a soothing swim with John in Lake Superior. John’s friend, a photographer took this photo of the pair.

Schoep and John sharing a special moment

Schoep and John sharing a special moment












When Mr Unger realised his best friend was at the end of his life, his photographer friend, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson captured the heartbreaking moment between John and his aging rescue dog in Wisconsin.

The arthritic dog soon became an internet sensation after picture of he and his owner in a lake, went viral, with millions of views.

The moving photograph of John and Schoep in the water inspired strangers to donate to help the dog, which meant that Schoep received the best possible veterinary care in the last few weeks.

So much money came in, Mr Unger and Schoep’s veterinarian, Erik Haukass, decided to put the excess cash to good use.

See what happened when donations rolled in….