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Would You Treat Your Dog Like This Child?

Dogs Deserve So Much Better Than This!

Dogs Are Not Just Animals….They Are Part Of  The Family

Many dogs and cats are not treated as family members, but rather as disposable property. Many are abandoned and will be facing a lot of pain and misery.

Snoopy and people







According to, approximately 2,7 million dogs and cats are killed every year in the United States because shelters are overpopulated and there aren’t enough homes to adopt them.

Only by touching people’s hearts and sharing these messages, will public perception about shelter animals change. The more awareness there is about this terrible reality, the less likely these animals will be sent to their death.

We can’t understand how people can abuse and abandon their pets. Hopefully, this video can help to bring awareness to this horrific problem and encourage people to consider adopting shelter animals when looking for an addition to their family.

Many of these shelter animals would have experienced some terrible circumstance, but just imagine how much appreciation and unconditional and devoted love they could offer the person or family that rescued them.

These babies deserve so much better than this……

Please share this video so that we can strive towards making this world a better place for these sweet souls.

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