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What Really Happens Behind This Fence?

You Won’t Believe What Happens At The End

A woman puts a group of dogs behind a fence…..

Why does she do it?


Dog Fence






Where are the dogs going?

Dog Fence 2







How to make life fun?

As you can see these dogs are very well trained.

You can teach old dogs new tricks!

The biggest part of training any animal, is to learn how to do it yourself first.

Once you are relaxed and sure of the commands, it will be easier to pass that training onto your dog. 

You need to be gentle, but firm with your voice command and double up with hand signals too. You must be consistent….consistency is the key. Just like raising kids….consistency is half the battle.

Treats certainly don’t hurt…especially for dogs that are keen on their dinner! For those that aren’t food orientated, give them a voice reward….”good boy”, “well done” during the training and then reward them with a kick of the ball or some other form of play, once you have finished your session.

Short focused training sessions, work better than long ones, where you may both become tired or frustrated. 

Training for 15 minutes, twice a day will be more successful than one 30 minute session.

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Thanks To K9 Country Club For Uploading This Video