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Time For A New Dog In The Family?

Learn The Importance Of Choosing The Right Dog For You

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Have you finally made the decision to add a new addition to the family, a four-legged friend? It may be a puppy, a one year old dog or perhaps a more senior member. We have included a FREE Checklist for you to download to help you select your new pooch!

We all hear about unwanted dogs and all pets in fact, being dumped, abandoned at shelters or worse. The best way to reduce this from happening is by educating ourselves about not only the general care and responsibility involved in owning a pet, but also in the type of pet suitable for us at this particular time in our life.

If we are young, we may prefer a rescue dog that is a couple of years old and fully toilet trained and is great on a lead. A dog that is athletic and thrives on heaps of exercise.

Cassie - My Bark Space

Cassie – My Bark Space

If we are a family, we may prefer a young pup, which can also be a shelter rescue, which we can train and which can grow up with our kids.

The more senior of our community may prefer an older dog, that is more a lap dog than a full on athletic machine!

Then there is the consideration of breed and body size.

The breed will have some affect on the temperament, the size and the trainability of the dog. Some breeds are more strong willed than others and are often more difficult to train. They are not impossible to train, but may be more suitable to someone with prior dog training experience. Puppy Training or Dog Obedience classes are always recommended for new dog owners to learn how to train their dogs. The classes are not to train your dog, as much as they are to train you, the handler, to enable you to give your dog clear and consistent messages during the training. The dog will follow your lead!

Sizlah warns family of fire

Sizlah – family dog who warns family of fire in house

The breed also effects how easy a dog is to train, depending on whether it is food driven…a dog like a Labrador is very driven by food and will do just about anything for a food reward. Some dogs care more about pleasing you than the extra dog treat!

The breed effects the coat type and how much it sheds hair. This can result in shedding hair around the house and on chairs and couches, but shedding can also affect people with allergies. The more shedding the more likely allergies, such as asthma will be triggered.

Do you want a short haired dog or a breed which requires regular grooming? Grooming is an added responsibility and unless you train to do it yourself, it is also an added cost.

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Do you want a dog that gets along with other dogs. Maybe this is your second family dog, so you need them to both mix well. Maybe you want to take your dog to dog beaches and parks, where they can mix with other dogs.

Do you need a dog that is really friendly and great with kids?

Would you prefer a dog with strong protectiveness and guarding capabilities?

If you take into consideration these points, then you will surely choose the right addition to your family.

Please consider a rescue/shelter dog before anything else. You will find all breeds, all ages and all sizes at a shelter. In many cases the shelters will have a checklist or form that you can complete, to help them chose the right doggy for you.

Use this free checklist, to record what is important for you when you choose your new pup or dog.

 MY Bark Space – Checklist for my ideal dog