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Please Wish This Old Boy A Happy 20th

Let’s Celebrate Those We Still Have And Remember The Ones We Have Lost

We can celebrate those that are still sharing our lives and enrich them every day.

Happy Birthday Sweet Old Boy…

Happy Birthday











Thank you to Animal Rescue Home for sharing this photo 

We nearly lost our sweet old girl Cassie, last year after swallowing a skewer that she dug out of the bin. Three weeks later she went off her food….which is a big thing for an Old English Sheepdog. A week in emergency and intensive care, ultrasound and intestinal surgery…resulted in a skewer being removed and nearly a week of “touch and go” recovery. We were told to say goodbye to her 3 times…..but she fought on and with twice daily visits with the kids to intensive care…our baby pulled through.

She just celebrated her 10th birthday in May this year.

This is her now…..

Cassie - My Bark Space

Cassie – My Bark Space












We can remember the ones we lost.

We lost our rescue pup, Dudley the Shar Pei, 4 years ago……he was 8 years old and a much loved member of our family. He and Cassie were best buddies and always hung out together.

He was happy and healthy and ran around like a young dog, until he developed small lumps on his body. A trip to the vet and a biopsy of a lump, resulted in us hearing the worst possible news for a pet owner….”he has aggressive cancer, we can’t do anything…..he only has a few weeks to live…”. We were devastated….he lived for less than two weeks until he just couldn’t go on….he sat in the corner one day and wouldn’t eat or drink….we knew it was time. We spent so much quality time with him during those precious days before he passed. We took him to his favourite parks and had lots of cuddles. We cried a lot too!

We still miss him dearly…our boy Dudley…..








If you love dogs then please share this, so that others can remember those dogs they share their lives with and those that they have lost.