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Hidden Camera Catches Corgi Puppy In The Act


Have you ever had a puppy or a dog, who was a professional escape artist?

Then you will understand what the owners of this corgi puppy are going through…..

Everytime the family left the house, they left the puppy in a safe area in the kitchen, behind a secure fence. It didn’t matter how long they were out of the house, they always came home to find their cheeky¬†puppy running freely and exploring the entire house.

The daring escape artist is known as Beau, an 11 week old corgi puppy. He was part of a litter of four puppies and was bought by animal lover Dan who lives with his girlfriend in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

Dan decided that the only to find out how Beau was breaking out of this puppy-proof pen….was to install a camera to catch the pup in action.

What he caught on video was totally unexpected…….

Watch the escape artist in action……

Thanks to Dan McLaughlin for the video and to Bancroft TV for sharing it.