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Famous Cops and Robbers Dachshunds

Crusoe is back with his buddy Oakley

Can you believe these guys are at it again. This time Crusoe has dragged his brother into the caper….

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund and his brother Oakley play cops and robbers with the best ever police car dog costume.

We have met Crusoe previously. He came to fame in his early years after winning a talent contest and was shot to stardom.

Living life as the rich and famous he travels the world to places such as Maine, Bahamas, Florida, Ontario, & Quebec.

He is known to be an intrepid expedition leader and likes the ladies. 

Some things you should know about Crusoe:

  • His ego is bigger than his little body
  • He doesn’t trust wired-hair dachshunds
  • He has a twin half-brother named Oakley (also starring in the video)
  • Fame hasn’t changed him – he was always very self-absorbed
  • Mum and Dad are his managers
  • He also has a 24/7 camera crew with him

Thanks to Crusoe and Oakley for posting their video adventures