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Do You Agree That Dogs Are Incredible?

How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

How Much Does Your Dog Love You?

Dogs Melt Your Heart













Thanks to Animal Rescue Home for this photo.

Here at My Bark Space, we love our dogs…

Orphan Kitten Raised By A Husky








We love dogs of all shapes and sizes….

Dog Banner





We love the incredible feats they accomplish as armed forces dogs, police dogs, assistance dogs, search and rescue dogs, working dogs and family dogs.

But we love all that dogs can be, from the lost, homeless and shelter dogs or those that endure cruelty…..we know that if they are given a second chance, that they will find their amazing place in this world, where they too can flourish.

We love all dogs….

Husky closeup in grass












Cassie is the reason we began “My Bark Space”……..

Cassie - My Bark Space

Cassie – My Bark Space











Our goal at My Bark Space is too share the amazing world of dogs with you all and to highlight the plight of homeless, mistreated and shelter dogs, to help them find their forever homes where they can “be all that they can be”.

We love dogs……please share this if you love dogs too……