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Corgi Dances For Joy At Dinner Time

Little Corgi May Be Small, But Is Large In Personality

Corgis make great pets, but did you know they were bred to be working dogs!

Corgis are known to be working dogs on farms, in fact they are herding dogs. They were bred to be able to herd stock by nipping at the heels. They were short, so were less likely to get kicked in the process. The short legs on this little guy in the video, don’t seem to effect his dancing prowess!

Corgis drive the herd forward and work them from behind in semicircles. While they specialize in herding cattle, corgis are also used to herd sheep and Welsh ponies.

Did you know that Welsh corgis can also guard children?

Of course, we all know that Corgis also make great pets. Some are very famous pets of the English Royal Family!

Corgi dancing for his very cute!

Corgi dancing for his dinner…so very cute!











Apparently, Corgis also like their dinner. This little guy uses up a fair bit of energy, before the food actually hits his tummy….talk about enthusiasm!

Watch this little guy do his “Dinner Dance”….


Thanks to The Animal Rescue Site for sharing this video.