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Army dog and his handler reunited following a year of separation

Bomb Sniffing dog and his best friend and handler reunited following a year of separation

Marine Sergeant Ross Gundlach had served over 200 missions with his partner Casey a Labrador Retriever. They spent hours searching for bombs in the Afghanistan desert, during which time they an incredible and unbreakable bond.

During those treacherous times, Ross made a promise to Casey, that if they both survived their tour, he would do all he can to bring Casey home with him.

They did survive their tour, but sadly they were separated for almost a year.  At the completion of his tour, Ross began to lobby for the right to keep his bomb sniffing buddy for good.

He travelled to Iowa to prepare his case to plead to a government committee to be rewarded permanent custody of Casey.

What Ross didn’t know was that the Elks Association had undertaken the special task of freeing Casey from her masters and paying $8500 to purchase a new dog to replace Casey in the military. Casey’s replacement was given a new role at State’s Fire Marshal offices.

Ross and Casey finally reunited

Ross and Casey finally reunited












Ross was told that his presence was needed at a military ceremony, but it was actually a surprise ceremony to reunite the two war heroes.

Words cannot do it justice…the amazing moment when these two best friends are reunited….

Just watch the video!

You would think that war buddies like Ross and Casey that have risked their lives for their country, would deserve the right and in fact be entitled to live out the rest of their lives together as a family.

It shouldn’t be so hard fought to get that right!

Thanks to Little for sharing this story


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