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LA Fireman plucks a dog from a raging river

Dog rescued by a brave fireman and a helicopter

Fireman rescue terrified dog from a raging LA river while dangling from a helicopter

This is another amazing story of people risking their lives to save an animal as they would a person….just can’t get enough of these stories.

Although an old story, it is still relevant today.

Terrified dog plucked from raging LA river

Terrified dog plucked from raging LA river









The poor dog is terrified and suffering from hypothermia. Not only is it trapped in a raging torrent, but then a helicopter begins hovering over it’s head….no wonder he lashes out at the rescuer.

The fireman is a true hero….usually the victims they rescue, don’t bite back!

Enjoy the incredible footage

Many thanks to Fox 11 News for the amazing footage.


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