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Dog rescued and treated in ambulance

Dog dragged from icy river and lives – treated in ambulance

Rescued dog treated in ambulance for hypothermia

A neighbour that backs onto the icy river alerted rescuers, when the dog wouldn’t stop barking.

He followed the barks down to the river and found the helpless dog gripping onto the edge of the ice, with most of his body hanging in the freezing water.

Rescuers said that he wouldn’t have survived much longer, had the neighbour not heard his cries for help.

The dog known as Charlie survived, he licked his rescuer and was carried up a steep embankment to a waiting ambulance.

He was then treated in the ambulance with thermal blankets and heat pads, while his vitals were checked. He was suffering from hypothermia, but would later recover fully. He was taken to a vet.

An amazing dog rescue story, showing how some humans will risk their lives to save an animal…AWESOME!

Enjoy this incredible moment

Charlie has recovered and was later seen with his friend…..

Best buddies after miracle rescue

Best buddies after miracle rescue







Thanks to AULTimate OUTDOORS for sharing this video


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