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Dog alerts owner to house fire by scratching on back door

Persistence shown by Sizlah the dog to alert her family to a house fire


The two year old Hungarian Vizsla barked and scratched at the bedroom door of her owners, Victoria Pateman and Isaac Ferrar, for more than an hour.

A smouldering cigarette started a fire on the outdoor deck and then the fence in the early hours of the morning.

The flames had reached the windowsill when Sizlah raised the alarm, saving the home from damage.

“I thought she just wanted to get into the warm bed,” Ms Pateman said.

Sizlah warns family of fire

Sizlah warns family of fire

“She persisted when I yelled at her to go back to bed and I got up to find the whole backyard on fire.

“When I opened the door, I could smell smoke and then the fire alarm went off so she was alerting us long before then.”

A small fire extinguish was used to keep the flames at bay until fire crews arrived.

Sizlah usually likes her sleep in, so the couple said that they would certainly listen to her warnings next time…..

She will certainly be spoilt and rewarded with plenty of doggy treats! She is a real hero.



See the fully story at the Herald Sun. Thanks to Monique Hore for the story.