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Amazing Old Sick Dog Saves His Elderly Owner From Viscous Attack

Brave old Pit Bull protects elderly lady from attack

This is an old news story, but is as relevant today as it is from a few months ago….well worth celebrating.

Meet Champ, or as he is officially known “Champion Bartholomew Aloysius 3000”. He is a 12 year old Pit Bull, family member and saviour of 60 year old owner Millie Fiser.

This little man shows how a dog will go to any lengths to protect it’s owner. Pitbulls do not always get good press, so this is a nice change.

Champ had always been described as a gentle giant by his neighbours, but now he is also celebrated for being a caring and heroic old pooch.

She was attacked from behind while putting out the trash and pushed to the ground. As the attacker demanded money, Millie yelled out to Champ for help. Champ came running to her aid and barked at the attacker until he fled.

Incredible feat for an old boy, who also has a sickness.


Watch how the amazing bond that resulted in a heroic action from Champ

Thanks to KATV and ABC 7 and to Source Media for uploading the story. For the full story.