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In Remembrance of Bella

Tarra The Elephant Loses Her Best Friend Bella – Celebration Of A True Friendship

You all know Tarra the elephant and Bella the stray dog, who became inseparable and famous from the moment their story hit the internet.

They met and lived a fulfilling life of adventure at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. 

Friends for nearly a decade,the two were always together….. 

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Bella trusted Tarra so completely she would let the great elephant stroke her stomach with her foot and caress her with her trunk. Bella and Tarra found sanctuary together in the Asian habitat of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee; swimming in ponds, exploring new paths, and resting side by side in the sunshine.

Bella died unexpectedly from a coyote attack and Tarra mourned the untimely death of her soul mate Bella, the dog. 

Tarra and Bella clearly loved each other…….

Tarra and Bella6

In Rememberance of Bella

The Elephant Sanctuary posted….Tarra and Bella’s devoted relationship warmed the hearts of everyone who heard their story. The unlikely duo of an elephant and a dog reminded each of us of the importance of loving one other, despite our differences.

We remember this special relationship in this video we made, in memory of Bella who passed on October 26, 2011.

We help remember Bella……this is beautiful…..

This story of  unconditional love within animals, it is still relevant today.

Thanks to The Elephant Sanctuary for sharing the video.