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14-Year-Old Dog Watches Her Family As They Leave Her Behind At A Shelter

How does a family leave their 14 year old loving dog at a shelter?

What must a loving dog feel in it’s heart when her family leaves her behind at a shelter? What did I do wrong? Where are they going? They have left me behind?

Well poor old Dessie was faced with this devastating event when her owner left her at a shelter on Sunday afternoon.

Dessie was left at the Miami Dade County Animal Services. She is an “elderly” tan and white collie. At her age, she would be one of the first to be euthanized if not rescued. Most shelters have no designated waiting periods for surrendered pets.

Why was she surrendered?

Dessie was reported to be in average health considering her age, with a friendly demeanor.

Who knows how long Dessie has too live, but doesn’t she deserve to be treated with respect and dignity?

What she must have been thinking as her family left her tied up and walked away at the shelter?

Poor old Dessie left at shelter by her family


Update on Dessie

Some fantastic news on Dessie…..she has been rescued and is on her way to the vet. She has been rescued by A Way for A Stray. She has not quite found her forever home….but is at least in foster care until she does.

NOTE: Please share Dessie’s tragic plight with friends, family and Facebook contacts. Sharing saves lives.

For more information about Dessie, a Facebook page can be accessed by clicking here. When inquiring about Dessie, reference A1705300.

Miami-Dade Animal Services is located at 7401 NW 74 Street, Miami, Florida.

Phone# 305-884-1101

MDAS website:

Follow the National Pet Rescue Examiner on Facebook.

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