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What Does A Lonely Dog Do While Watching A Romantic Movie?

Meet Loki…..A Good Looking Eligible Corgi

Loki is Enjoying A Romantic Movie On His Own…..Until…

Imagine you are home alone and you turn on the TV to find your favourite romantic movie is playing……

Do you watch it alone?

Do you record it for later, to watch with friends or family?

Well Loki, our young eligible Corgi, decided to go it alone, when one of his favourite movies was playing on TV…..”Lady And The Tramp”.

Well who doesn’t love that movie?

Can you remember the famous spaghetti scene?…..

Lady and the Tramp






Well wait to you see what happens when our eligible young bachelor Loki reaches the spaghetti scene in the movie.

We’ve all been there at some stage in our life…..Just so cute…

Thankyou to Loki for sharing this special moment on you tube.