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Welcome to My Bark Space

Welcome to My Bark Space

We love Dogs!

Welcome to My Bark Space, we have a passion for dogs….we “love dogs”. We celebrate the world of dogs..the family pets, the working dogs, the lost souls and the rescue dogs who have found their forever homes.

Some of the areas we will cover include:-

  1. Acts of cruelty towards dogs – let’s all work together to stamp this out!Husky closeup in grass
  2. Awesome dogs
  3. Dog Breeds
  4. Dog Care
  5. Dog News
  6. Family Dogs as Pets
  7. Homeless and Shelter dogs and those that find their special homes
  8. Working Dogs – Agility, Army, Assistance, Farm, Police and Rescue Dogs.

We aim to entertain and educate. While there are many funny dog stories and videos from around the world, there are also many stories of cruelty, sadness and bravery and only some of these have happy endings. We feel it is important to shed light on these stories too, so that we can do our part in reducing these cruel animal acts.

So lets jump in and explore the amazing world of dogs, we will strive to give you the incredible stories that you can sink your teeth into…….





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