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We’re Singing In The Rain

What Do You Do When It Rains?

Home to Bella and Tarra, who we have covered recently, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee provides a natural habitat refuge developed specifically for endangered African and Asian elephants. 

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Excitement abounds at The Elephant Sanctuary when they heavens open up!………

Elephants in rain 2








A thunderstorm with downpours of rain is a sure invitation to get Ronnie and Debbie the elephants in a playful mood.

Their excited trumpets and squeals resonate with the storm as they dance and spin in unison.

Though the two could choose to be in the heated barn, these Asian Girls delight in the tropical display from “Mother Nature”.

The saturated ground provides big clumps of wet soil which are thrown, with abandon, onto their backs.

They now look forward to a few days of fun play in the mud and the pond.

Tune in to the “Elecam” daily for updates on all of the girls and their activities at The Elephant Sanctuary!  

Thanks to The Elephant Sanctuary for posting this video.