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Rescued Pig Cuddles Blankies and Puppies


Piper the micro teacup piglet is the recent addition to a family in Tennessee….a family who already had four mini pigs!

They answered the call for a piglet who needed a home.

Piper has settled in well with her new forever home……she loves her soft cuddly blankets…she lays around on them, rolls on them, slides on them and dives on them….Piper is one athletic piggy.

This has become a daily routine for Piper the piglet…she just can’t get enough of those blankets.

Piper loves a kip……

Piper needs to be fed with a syringe instead of being bottle fed due to an injury on her nose. Her carers prefer the syringe to bottle feeding as they can control the amount of milk the mini piglet is eating so she doesn’t breath in milk and aspirate. Bottle feeding piglets, especially newborns can be dangerous.

Piper and push-in, enjoying her milk….

She likes to play hard with the blankies and the nap…long!

Piper will sleep with her best pals or in their absence…. her blankets will do fine.

Piper and her cuddly buddy…..

She has settled into her new life and family, very well. She has made best friends with a tiny merle-coated puppy who lives next door.

In her waking hours, they play together, and even snuggle together during afternoon naps.

Piper and puppy in play….

Thanks to Dodo for sharing this video.

At various stages of development, Piper is introduced to solid foods as with other babies, to supplement her milk. At two months of age, Piper was introduced to chopped up pieces of tomatoes. Check out the video below…when she tastes tomatoes for the first time…..

Piper snacking on tomatoes…….

Thankyou to Kookie and Kipper Minipigs for sharing their story on Instagram.

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