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Incredible Shelter Cat Nurses Other Sick Animals

Little Black Cat With A Big Heart Nurses Animals

Brought Back From Death’s Door This Little Boy Now Nurses Other Sick Animals

Radamenes, was brought back from death’s door by a Veterinary Center in Poland.

He repays that kindness every day, as he nurses, cuddles and loves the other animals that are recovering in the center.

Radamenes, who survived a severe life threatening respiratory infection. He was so ill that he was going to be put down, until the vet heard him purr. When he recovered the staff were astonished to see him cuddle and support the other sick animals. They even call him their mascot.

He has been known to massage and even clean the convalescing patients.

Radamenes has become a local attraction, and people have begun visiting him at the center for good luck! 

He now emotionally supports other animals recovering from surgery…….


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